Latam cargo headquarters/operations center eastern cargo u (buildings 709, 709a, 710, and 711), miami international airport

Project description​

The Eastern Cargo U Complex  was the first third party, private sector capital investment project at MIA. The project scope included a full spectrum of development services: ground lease agreement negotiation, programming, planning, design, financing, construction, and delivery of a major cargo infrastructure significantly expanding MIA’s cargo volume capacity. The LATAM HQ (formerly Lan Chile Cargo) facilities total 465,000 SF in a collection of buildings, including 380,000 SF of cargo buildup/breakdown and specialized perishables operations area and 85,000 SF of administrative offices. Airis performed all planning, financing, construction management on-time and in-budget processes for LATAM’s acceptance.

The project scope included environmental assessement, abatement, demolition, and soils remediation of WWII munitions warehousing, site planning, planning, and construction of three cargo structures, an administrative office tower, landside operations for truck docking and queuing, employee parking, airside apron pavement staging for 11 ADG Group V aircraft, taxilane extension, and off-site improvements including airfield taxiway extensions and utility corridor relocations/extensions.