Our Story


A premier private sector aviation facilities developer, Airis Aviation Development LLC designs, builds, owns, and manages a variety of facilities for aviation clientele worldwide. Since 1994, Airis has delivered large-scale, multi-phased projects at major US gateway airports, such as JFK, Newark, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and Miami International Airports. Globally, Airis has developed and planned over 20 million SF of new cargo facilities for the world’s aviation authorities, major airlines and service providers. Airis was the first private sector developer to be granted ground leases at JFK, LAX, SDF, CVG, MIA, and EWR Airports and forged successful infrastructure solutions that outperform to this day. Our team has planned and developed 41 aviation and cargo projects in the U.S. and planned and developed another 16 projects overseas. Airis is expert at redefining and reforming older legacy airport infrastructure, notably at JFK, MIA, SFO, ARN and LAX.

Since the company’s founding in 1994 and legacy predecessor companies dating from 1984, AIRIS has become the nation’s most experience aviation development company, with offices in Atlanta and Houston, and previously in Stockholm, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City. We continue that growth across the United Sates with project offices in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York.

Our core competencies are an amalgam of the extensive experience of each of our four managing partners. Collectively, our principals represent more than one hundred years [the Wright Brothers were our close friends] of experience in their fields, and each of us have led a number of landmark development projects.

We are an unmatchable A Team: our executive leadership, financial partners, and advisors have developed and financed more special-use aviation-related projects in the United States than any comparable group.

Comprehensive Development, Planning and Innovation Services

Airis provides comprehensive development, planning, innovation, and specialized advisory services.

Our firm was founded on the premise that an aviation facility should serve airports, airlines and operators as the driving support to ensure new efficiencies and help them become more competitive, profitable, and responsive to new logistic and transport demands.

The aviation industry is in transformation. New technologies from Robotics to Artificial Intelligence, markets demanding increased throughput and efficiencies, changing global economies, more complex financing structures, more rigorous environmental regulations  and increased focus on how projects benefit communities, are just some of the forces reshaping the aviation industry.

Knowledgeable, Responsive and Solutions Based

 For each project, we prepare the legal groundwork, then master critical issues in planning, construction, operations, innovation, and finance programs to position airlines and cargo carriers for enduring success.

Airis anticipates the questions all airports face as they plan new or reimagine existing facilities:

What new design strategies should be considered?

Which technologies should be integrated to increase efficiency?

How can greater performance be
extracted from restricted, limited land assets?

How are technology lifecycles integrated into a project’s master plan, today and into the future?

What are the business implications of facility costs across multi-year operations and changing business cycles?

Which infrastructure designs will provide the most flexibility as an airport and its carriers and cargo operators grow and change?

What works and what doesn’t in planning configurations? How can the facility adapt to changing markets?

How can land use be optimized and increase the ROI for airports

Airis applies a multidisciplinary approach to finding answers and building solutions. We are collaborative developers and we work with the finest and most accomplished aviation architects, engineers and builders, but also with experienced real estate specialists, engineers, legal authorities, environmental planners, business analysts, and community benefit experts to identify and open new opportunities for our clients.

Financial Strength

Airis provides underwriting for well-conceived projects through financial partners of unparalleled strength and depth.

Airis is structured to finance substantial facility investments in a manner quite unlike that of any other development company. Airis draws directly on its alliances with top-tier transportation infrastructure investors, investment banking firms, and financial sureties. These affiliations allow the Airis access to a range of financing opportunities unmatched by other aviation development companies.

Financing for each Airis project begins with an analysis that determines its unique requirements. Airis then employs its ability to provide the required equity and debt based on the needs of that project. The bottom-line results: a successful financial solution that is similarly tailored to the goals of each user or airport authority and at cost that is typically well below market and far more cost-effective than what airlines could otherwise achieve.

Our clients benefit in important ways from our unique structure. With Airis providing the long-term commitments of capital, our clients have the freedom to concentrate their resources in their core business elsewhere. Our shorter planning windows allow our clients can move readily as their market and facility requirements change. Our financing strength enables us to absorb the primary risk that airlines and other aviation entities have traditionally borne.