Hanoi noi bai airport master plan hanoi noi bai han international airport hanoi, Vietnam

Project description​

Airis entered into an MOU with the Vietnamese Ministry of Transportation to provide strategic planning for the redevelopment of Hanoi Noi Bai Airport, the ADMP. Airis structured a project team consisting of Louis Berger Group, Ricondo & Associates, HSH Nordbank, Booz & Company, SLA, and Gensler Architects to program and plan a composite strategic development plan for the Vietnamese Northern Airport Group, a segment of the Ministry of Transportation.

The ADMP depicts an infrastructural armature onto which the financial, land use, and entrepreneurial skills of Vietnamese and foreign industries can be beneficially deployed. The ADMP set out four primary planning goals and objectives:

  • Provide for efficient multi-modal, air, rail, transit, and highway interconnectivity
  • Minimize impacts to local villages through avoidance and use of open space buffers
  • Maximize contiguous landside airport related commercial development
  • Create a mixed use District Plan providing for compatible land uses enabling sustainable growth and development in Sub-Districts or Sectors including commercial, residential, educational, and industrial uses