Federal express distribution facilities sdf, phl, las, orh, and saf international airports

Project description​

Airis developed five distribution facilities for FedEx in five different states, from on-airport sort and distribution centers to off-airport city stations. These projects totaled 425,040 SF and were developed on a DFBT process and were delivered on-time and in-budget.
The first FedEx project was an AGT&T facility at SDF in Louisville, Kentucky and included 120,550 SF of new cargo and office facilities and a 192,000 SF apron suitable to stage four ADG Group IV aircraft.
The second FedEx project included a 121,580 SF cargo and office sort and distribution facility in Philadelphia. This is an off-airport facility with access to PHL.
The third project included a 95,760 SF cargo and office sort and distribution facility off-airport at ORH in Worchester, Massachusetts.
In the fourth and fifth FedEx project examples, AIRIS designed, developed, and constructed a 10K City Station Processing Facility for Federal Express operations in Las Vegas. Each facility contained 45,200 SF. An 8K City Station was delivered in a simlar fashion for FedEx on-airport at Santa Fe, New Mexico.