Today, aviation facility needs are highly diversified and demanding, requiring services that range beyond the traditional. At Airis, we are facility specialists who are well-prepared with an array of sophisticated development services to respond to the changing needs of airport and airline clients.

In general, our professional capabilities include master planning, facility planning, financing, construction management, marketing, and property management. Within these categories, we offer a number of specialties, a partial listing of which includes pre-construction services; research and planning; worldwide aviation market information and analysis; access to global financial resources; comprehensive legal services; and leasing strategy formulation and negotiation.

At Airis, we draw on processes that have been honed and refined over years of practical application to other aviation projects. Just as essential, but less easily described, is our emphasis on creativity, not only in design, but also in problem solving. With each project, the singular unifying thread is this: We are focused on providing competitive advantages to our clients from the moment the project comes to us, through construction, and ultimately through its entire life cycle.

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