The aviation industry is being transformed as never before. New technologies, emerging market demands, changing global economies, more complex financing structures, and more rigorous environmental regulations are just some of the forces reshaping an industry that, until recently, had not changed in decades.

Airlines face daunting questions when trying to plan facilities that assimilate these changes. What new design strategies should be considered and what technologies provided for? What are the business implications of facility costs? The tax implications? What leasing structure will provide the most flexibility as the company grows and changes? What works and what doesn't in planning configurations? How can the facility be made adaptable to changing markets?

Airis takes a multidisciplinary approach to finding answers. We draw on the talents not only of the most accomplished aviation architects and constructors, but also of leasing and real estate specialists, engineers, legal authorities, environmental planners, and business analysts to identify and open new opportunities for our clients. Ultimately, we provide underwriting for these well-conceived projects through financial partners of unparalleled strength and depth.

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