Airis International Holdings LLC is organized to provide fully the capital sources needed to fulfill projects of significant size and to qualify for AAA credit investment ratings for bonds issued. Airis undertakes the financing and real estate components of a project, and in so doing, absorbs the primary risk that airlines and other aviation entities have traditionally borne.

Our clients benefit in important ways from our unique structure. With Airis providing the long-term commitments of capital, our clients have the freedom to concentrate their resources in their core business. And with shorter planning windows, clients can move readily as their market and facility requirements change.

Financing for each Airis project begins with an analysis that determines its unique requirements. Airis then employs its ability to provide the required equity and debt based on the needs of that project. The bottom-line results: a successful financial solution that is similarly tailored to the goals of each user or each airport authority-and a cost that is typically well below market and far more cost-effective than what airlines could otherwise achieve.

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